Amazon Prime Music up and Running in the UK

For those of us that don’t want to be totally trapped in the Apple universe Amazon Prime members in the UK  now have another option. While I doubt the music catalog will initially be as vast or up today as Apple it’s basically a Free extra to the already great value for money Prime Service.  Amazon says you can ‘Listen to over a million songs and hundreds of playlists online or on your mobile device with the Prime Music app’.

I’m using it on my PC as I type, you can’t download tracks on that at this time, but on the Amazon music prime app on my Hudl (UK Android Tablet) you can.

This makes the Amazon TV products even more relevant to those can hook it up to a quality sound system.

Lets hope this service grows and offers a real alternative to other music streaming products. I have to admit I feel sorry for Spotify, as I have always used that, at the moment their business model from the outside would appear to be under attack. That said it will be interesting to see what happens in this field over the coming months will Microsoft and Google up it’s game who knows.

As long as the Artists get paid a sensible fee and that is vitally important, I’m happy to sit back and watch the ever changing landscape of big business music and where possible reap the rewards as a music lover.

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Saying No to New Houses then…

A brilliant protest sign East Bergholt  East Anglia
A brilliant protest sign East Bergholt East Anglia

Saying No to New Houses? Then you must say an even louder No to mass immigration.

As I drive around Essex and Suffolk, I see village after village with signs that say things like ‘No to New Housing developments’  ‘This is a Village not a town’ ‘Don’t Kill  our Village’ etc etc .

I have to say I get very, very angry and not for the reason you would think. Despite what those in power would have you believe, a large majority of these houses are being built to accommodated our ever expanding immigrant population. That is not some racist rant, this is an obvious statement of fact. You simply can not have a never ending stream of immigrants coming into the county legally or illegally without being forced to build houses to accommodate them.

I have been an immigrate when I went to live in America and I’m also married to one (even if her mother was English). I like difference and I actually believe that a sensible level of immigration is healthy, not to mention necessary for a country’s continuation and growth.  But what is happening here and to many European countries is not healthy, right or necessary. It should be every countries first duty to maintain the quality of life for it’s people, be they indigenous or not. Those in power also have a duty to defend their peoples ways of life against abnormal erosion. By that I mean all nations change overtime but mass immigration into any area destabilizing the traditional ways of life for people that have lived in that area for generations to the point they feel aliens in their own land.

Politicians and the Politically correct brigade can throw numbers at this argument and claim as they do that immigration has no impact on housing or peoples ways of life but that is just a lie, THE BIGGEST LIE OF OUR TIME.  I can walk around markets and streets locally and believe that I have taken a trip to some eastern block country, I’m not talking about people’s colour or appearance, I’m talking about that fact I don’t hear the official language of this country being spoken or even attempted. If I can not communicate with the people around me in my own tongue or understand them then I for one think something has gone very wrong . I’m constantly being told that immigration is ‘low’ in our area if that is the case then I find that even more worrying.

All countries change and ways of life and thinking are eradicated overtime I do not dispute that. I fully believe in but a few generations this will be a Muslim county and then generations further something else.  For now it is still Great Britain and for now the Government must reduce the impact on the people who have created the very country that everyone in the world finds so desirable to come and live in. Rightly or wrongly the UK is perceived as the candy store of Europe.

So, if people are saying No to New Houses and saying Yes or saying nothing to mass immigration, because they don’t want to appear ‘Racist’ or uncaring, I suggest such people take down their protest signs and evaluate the cause and effect of all things. Much like the people that want power in their homes, but don’t want any way of producing it near them they are being naive at best and stupidly selfish. Why should someone else suffer down the road just so we can feel good about our ‘ideals’ and  local area.

This is a small country and as the saying goes ‘You can’t get a quart into a pint pot.’

There are no ‘good’ answers to this problem, there is no way everyone will be happy with the way of solving this Mass immigration , but solve it we must and fast if we want to maintain a quality of life for the whole of the country and it’s people. Asylum seekers may indeed have had a horrific life, but a life boat can only hold so many before it sinks and everyone drowns, this is a metaphor for countries and cultures as well.

I love the British countryside that is why I discovered I could never live anywhere else. I despise the way nature has so little value in eyes of governments and the soulless money men. I support all those that fight against the erosion into our green belt. I just believe most people have their heads in the sand about why things happen. They think that the world ends at the end of their drive, street, village or town. All this post and all my work is asking is for people to really look at a problem and understand that in life there are no real solutions, but the needs of the many must always out way the need of the few. That is just the law of nature which after all is just a elegant war zone.

The night is still young

I’m glad ‘The night is still young’ as I’ve still got loads to do..  I love this track very uplifting

Female Pop stars never look like Nicki Minaj in my day (well we only had Kate Bush), come to think of it, women never looked like that period. Sexy underwear was always well hidden under at least seven layers of petticoats, well it was cold in Ruislip when I was a boy ;)

If we were lucky they would flash us their ankles behind the bike sheds lol. As we have established over the years of blogging my musical tastes are all over the place I refuse to be tied down to one style or era. When I listen to a track like this it does bring back the hope and dreams of the younger me, that is believe it or not alive and well in this old husk of a body. No matter how old you get never stop believing the night is still young.

When it comes to Entertaining music that just makes you smile Nicki is the real deal, thank the Gods for girls like her, they lighten the world for the rest of us.

Heroes Reborn Trailer

Heroes swept the globe and many including me were captivated. Sadly the last season seemed to come off the tracks, leaving what could’ve been a naturally ever evolving franchise or that ‘really great series’ a train wreck, which some will have had just enough of. So Heroes Reborn which Premieres in September on NBC should be interesting, can they win back those other disappointed fans like me and ignite a new following?

The clips looks good, but clips always do so let’s just wait and see. Personally I’m beginning to suffer with box-set fatigue. These 45 min shows roll on week after week, year after year, the plot moves along at the pace of a asthmatic slug. Maybe it’s just me (it wouldn’t be the first time) but give me a good movie any day.  As Han Solo once said ”I prefer a straight fight to all this sneaking around.”

Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair? Society will shake it’s head disapprovingly at your perceived lazy and unprepared self. In truth it could mean your just happy, content and unconcerned by the superficiality of life. Alarms, Texts and ringing phones all fade into the background, as you just chomp on grass and hang out with nature.

Bad Hair Everyday
Bad Hair Everyday

Folk Me

Over the past year I have be listening to more and more traditional folk music. This is partly because it’s an area of music I have never really explored, so it’s new to me, also we discovered a really relaxed venue called the Colchester Arts center. The Art’s Center has a folk night most Monday nights so it’s just a nice thing to get out of the house for.

So rather than ramble on, here are just a few groups who’s music has been rattle around in the old brain over the last months.

Lau will be playing Colchester Arts center later this year